In January 2020 our Founder Dave decided to do the OYNB Challenge with a friend after losing his father and 3 mates in close succession. He had personally battled his relationship with booze for 30 years – one was always too many and 20 was not enough for Dave!

Quickly into the challenge he realized this was going to be no mean feat kicking the booze for 12 months so he set himself on a mission to convert the challenge into a passion and what better way than starting Australia’s first non-alcoholic brewery?

Quickly enlisting the help of an old-time friend and "creative genius" Matt Johnson the two then developed a brand and set about finding a brewery to make them their first non-alcoholic beer.

Being right in the middle of covid this was not going to happen in Sydney’s Inner West. Dave decided to take it into his own hands and return to TAFE and learn how to become a brewer. Enrolling in Australia’s only onsite brewery course at TAFE Qld Dave had to move his family to Brisbane when the borders opened in December 2020. He kicked off his course in Jan 2021.

After graduating and now harnessing a basic knowledge of the brewing industry Dave raised $300,000 in 48 hours from family and friends to kick off the business.

Now things were serious and Dave and Matt realized they would need the help of one of Australia's best-known brewers Bruce Peachey to ensure the classic beers they wanted to produce were award-winning.

After a quick phone call with Bruce, he was in. He had already developed a non-alc lager some 5 years prior and knew where to secure the right technology to make a very sessionable full-bodied lager.


After years of full-strength beers, it came time to cut back on the booze and lead a healthier life. One problem, we love beer but there wasn’t an alcohol-free option that had the flavour and mouth-feel we wanted. There are a few more options now, but we still aren’t content with the way they taste. Solution? We’ve made our own.