Beneficial Beer Co Supports Climate Positive Projects

Not only are we brewed under solar power, but we are always actively looking for initiatives, that reduce our impact on the environment and have partnered with Clima, previously known as Offset To Earn.

Brewed for humankind, for every case of beer we sell, you choose which of three carbon offset projects we support.

Biodiverse Carbon Conservation

The first is a reforestation project in south Western Australia, aimed at planting 3.8 million native trees on 2500 hectares of former farmland. The aim of the project is to remove carbon from the atmosphere, mitigate the impacts of climate change, reduce drought impacts on the area and regenerate local biodiversity.

Reforestation Project in South, Western Australia

Evercreech Plantation Forestry

The second project is focused on capturing and storing greenhouse gases in Tasmania, by converting an existing short rotation forest into one that utilises longer term harvesting times, allowing the trees time to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Capturing and Storing Greenhouse Gases in Tasmania

Paroo River North

The third project is in Queensland, where changes to agricultural processes, are promoting the regrowth of the native forest, protecting the rare local wetlands and river systems.

Promoting the Regrowth of the Native Forest

Beneficial Beer Co. & BetaCarbon Partnership

BetaCarbon is a fintech company bringing innovation into sustainability.

The new BetaCarbon investment platform is live and we are offering 100 Australian Carbon Tokens for every customer who registers below.

Each Australian Carbon Token (BCAU) represents 1kg of avoided or removed carbon.

Every time you have a can of our Stone Cold Lager you’ll rest assured every sip goes toward making a beneficial planet for us all.

Beneficial Beer Co and BetaCarbon. A partnership Brewed for Human Kind.

Register today and earn 100 Free BCAU tokens representing 100kg of carbon.


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