Zero Alcohol and 100% Taste, The One Beer That Will Get You Through Feb Fast!

Zero Alcohol and 100% Taste, The One Beer That Will Get You Through Feb Fast!

It’s no secret that Australians love a good beer. If you ask people what the ‘quintessential Australian’ looks like, you’d be hard pressed to find an answer that doesn’t include a stubby in hand. But because of our long running relationship with alcohol, it’s not uncommon to hear that alcoholism and other issues stemming from alcohol abuse have been plaguing families for generations.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in four Australians aged 18 years and over exceeded the Australian Adult Alcohol Guidelines in 2020-21, with people being born in Australia being almost twice as likely to exceed the guideline compared to those born overseas.

Hoping to create a better life for himself, David Jackson decided to give up alcohol and embrace a sober lifestyle in 2020, but he knew that if he really wanted to stick to it and succeed, he needed to dive in with all of his being, transforming his habit into a passion. This journey led David to becoming Founder and CEO of the Beneficial Beer Co, the innovative brewery responsible for creating Australia’s first non-alcoholic beer brewed like a real lager.

“Non-Alcoholic beers were a great way for me to tackle my challenge, but it was a constant struggle trying to find a non-alcoholic beer that had that same mid-strength lager taste I was used to.” Jackson explained. “At some point I realized this gap in the non-alcoholic market for a traditional lager was the perfect way to combine my challenge of sobriety with something that other people can also enjoy, so I decided I needed to learn how to brew beer!”

David uprooted his family, moving to Queensland and studying to earn his Assistant Brewer Certificate 3. He immersed himself in his craft, studying, testing and experimenting, utilizing his network and building the right team of people to help give this passion physical form. In April 2022, only 1 year after David earned his Certificate, the first brew of Beneficial Beer Co was on sale to the public.

“This is a real beer. We actually complete the whole brewing process and brew a 3% mid-strength lager before we work our magic to remove the alcohol using reverse osmosis filters.” David noted. “The filter technology has really progressed recently, allowing us to leave all the flavours in the beer, only removing the ethanol so that our beer tastes authentic.”

Within the first six months of their debut, Beneficial Beer Co. was stocked and sold Australia-wide, winning two Bronze Medals and beginning exporting to New Zealand. BBCo also currently has a non-alcoholic Pale Ale, Pilsner and Dark Ale in development, but David’s attention is on increasing awareness and accessibility to quality non-alcoholic alternatives. “I believe that if pubs offered quality non-alcoholic alternatives front and centre, especially on tap, we would see more Australians making the switch.” said Jackson.

David lives the idea that ‘business ideas must align with your own passions and goals in life’. He deeply immerses himself in his projects, building Beneficial Beer Co. out of a hopeful desire that he could help himself and every other beer enjoyer to make healthier decisions . Beneficial Beer Co. is a rising star, but this is only one of five operational businesses David has created to express his entrepreneurial vision.

David started his first business while still studying in university, which involved managing, promoting, booking and producing theatre shows, bands and entertainment venues in Newcastle. After he graduated, David worked in recruitment, founding his own agency S2M Digital in 2005 and expanding his S-Core Group empire in the recruitment and IT service sectors. David also immersed himself in cryptocurrency 2017, meeting with industry experts and accidentally creating Australia’s largest crypto meet-up Crypto Sydney, and getting nominated for Blockchain Australia Community Person of the Year 2021.

Like all of David’s other entrepreneurial endeavours, Beneficial Beer Co. is a business founded on passion, dedication, and a hope that all Australians can benefit from his work. You can connect with David Jackson and the Beneficial Beer Co team through their website, or check out their Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more about Australia’s best non-alcoholic lager.


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