Wagon Drivers Pale Ale

Wagon Drivers Pale Ale

If only people had told me the truth about brewing craft beer! 

It seems so easy from the outside looking in. Doesn’t it always though?  

I remember the first time I felt as though I was getting quite good at photography. I thought I knew almost everything until I went to a professional workshop. Suddenly, I realised I knew very little. 

Thankfully we have the incredibly talented Bruce Peachy and his brewing wizardry on hand. 

As Co-Founder and Head Brewer, Bruce is a qualified international brewer, mentor and respected beer judge, with over 40 years brewing experience. It’s this experience that has helped us perfect our next beer release. It’s taken time to get right and to ensure that we deliver on taste, but we’re really proud of our latest Aussic classic reinvented – Wagon Drivers Pale Ale. 

Mouthwateringly tropical and so balanced with bitterness and caramel sweetness, you’ll not only be on the wagon, but you’ll also take control of the reigns and be the driver too. 

In Bruce’s own words “Wagon Drivers Pale Ale is brewed with Australian pale & caramel malts, it's fully fermented, resulting in a beer of <0.5% ABV. Copper in colour with attractive foam, we've used a combination of hops & hopping techniques to deliver a smooth, balanced bitterness combined with some fruity hop character.”

Available now from our store. Enjoy! 

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