Support Your Mindful Drinking With Beneficial Beer

Support Your Mindful Drinking With Beneficial Beer

At Beneficial Beer, we're here to support your mindful drinking practices. However, the mindful drinking community is curious - Does alcohol affect meditation? What are the best substitutes for mindful drinking? 

Beneficial Beer can be your answer to maintaining that zen-like edge. But first… 

Does Alcohol Affect Meditation? 

Meditation is all about paying attention. It's about being present and finding that sweet spot between relaxation and alertness.

But did you know that excessive alcohol consumption can throw a wrench in the works? Here’s how: 

  • Neurotransmitter Chaos: Too much alcohol can mess with your brain's neurotransmitters, such as GABA and glutamate. This can throw off the balance you need for mindfulness.
  • Relaxation vs. Alertness: While a drink might help your body relax, it often leaves your mind in a fog, reducing mental sharpness. Meditation is a balance, after all. So too is mindful drinking. 
  • Brain Wave Scrambling: Meditation helps your brain shift from chaotic beta waves to calming alpha and theta waves. But after a while, alcohol can suppress those soothing alpha waves.

Even the basics of Buddhist ethics (the 5th of the Five Precepts) suggest avoiding alcohol to keep your mindfulness game strong.

But hey, you don’t need to move to a Tibetan monastery to see the benefits. Cutting down on alcohol can do wonders for your mental well-being.

With Beneficial Beer, you can enjoy a great-tasting beer and stay mindful. 


Best Substitutes for Mindful Drinking

1. Soft Drinks: 

Sometimes, a fizzy drink is all you need to curb those cravings. Sparkling water is a great first choice. Herbal teas are fantastic for slowing your drinking pace because they’re hot.

2. Non-Alcoholic Beers: 

Non-alcoholic beers have come a long way, and at Beneficial Beer, we’re proud to offer some of the best. The familiar taste of beer without the alcohol is your perfect mindful drinking companion: 

  • Stone Cold Lager: Offering a crisp and refreshing taste that rivals traditional beers.
  • Wagon Drivers Pale Ale: A rich, hoppy flavour and smooth finish provides the full pale-ale experience.
  • Dave's Drunkenless Dark Ale: For those who prefer a deeper, maltier taste. This non-alcoholic dark ale features notes of chocolate and coffee.

3. CBD Drinks: 

CBD drinks are another fantastic alternative. These drinks contain CBD, a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant.

Known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties for relaxing without the buzz.


Beneficial Beer’s Mindful Drinking Benefits

Beneficial beer itself is the perfect companion for mindful drinking journeys.

Flavour for Days 

Worried about missing out on your favourite flavours when cutting back on alcohol? Beneficial Beer has got you covered.

From the crispness of the Stone Cold Lager to the hoppy profile of the Wagon Drivers Pale Ale, we’ve got a brew to fulfil every beer lover's palate.

Beneficial Beers fit right into any social setting, making your switch seamless. Our beers ensure you never compromise on flavour or connection to the moment.

Built for a Mindful You

Our non-alcoholic beers support a mindful lifestyle.

Imagine savouring each sip and engaging with the experience. Drinking our healthy, non-alcoholic beers can be a meditative practice, helping you stay grounded and focused.

Plus, you’re making a sustainable choice that's good for the planet.

Healthy Body = Mindful Mind

How can we reduce or avoid the unpleasant effects of alcohol like fatigue, headaches, and dehydration?

Whether you’re at a social event or relaxing after a workout, our non-alcoholic beers fit perfectly into your mindful lifestyle. 

Stay hydrated and healthy with Beneficial Beer

The Simple Way to Embrace Mindful Drinking 

Mindful drinking is more than just a trend—it's a lifestyle choice. With Beneficial Beer, you can enjoy a great-tasting beer while staying mindful. Ready to make the switch? Explore our range of non-alcoholic beers below.

Cheers to mindfulness, and cheers to you!

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