Meet the Founder of Beneficial Beer Co. - David Jackson // Auspreneur

Meet the Founder of Beneficial Beer Co. - David Jackson // Auspreneur

It’s no secret Aussies love their beer. Whether family BBQs, beach days, golf with the boys, or just knocking off work, there’s always a perfect time for an ice-cold brew. There’s never a good time however for hangovers. Thanks to Beneficial Beer Co, beer lovers can enjoy great tasting beer without any regrets. Founded by David Jackson, the beer brand began its journey when David became sober in January of 2020. 

Finding that non-alcoholic alternatives were a great way to tackle the ongoing challenge, it was a struggle however to find a great tasting beer. And not just any great taste, but that had that mid-strength lager taste David and many other Aussies are accustomed to.

A serial entrepreneur, the failed quest for the non-alcoholic beer to top all beers sparked David’s next innovative business venture, pushing him to create the best-tasting non-alcoholic lager on the Australian market. Not cutting any corners, David moved his family to QLD so he could study a beer brewing course at QLD TAFE in January of 2021.

“Every successful entrepreneur needs to know the complete ins and outs of their business,” says David. “I knew that for this to work, I needed to know the ins and outs of brewing beer myself, not just simply hiring someone to make me a few batches I could choose from.”

Once qualified as an Assistant Brewer, David jumped into the brewing process head-on, utilising his network to get the right people on board. And just over a year later, in April 2022, the first batch of Beneficial Beer Co was available for sale.

Just like wanting milk that tastes like real milk, patrons just want a beer that tastes like a real beer. What many don’t realise however, is that thanks to a specific brewing process, non-alcoholic beer is real beer! “We actually complete the whole brewing process and brew a 3% mid-strength lager then work our magic to have the alcohol removed using reverse osmosis filters,” says David. “Thanks to technological advancements in the field, the alcohol can be removed whilst leaving all the flavours and taste.” Beneficial Beer Co’s innovative brewing system ensures no unnecessary additives are added, and has led to rave reviews within the industry.

On a mission to give all beer drinkers good health, good products and a good planet to kickback and drink beer on, David has led Beneficial Beer Co’s to winning a bronze medal for Best Non-Alcohol Beer (Bronze) – 2022 AIBA (Australian International Beer Awards) only three months after its launch with its first ever brew, and backed that Bronze up with another award 3 months later for Best NOLO Beer (Bronze) – 2022 IBA (Independent Beer Awards Australia) on its second brew, along with becoming available nationwide and exporting to New Zealand within the first six months.

Passionate about his journey to sobriety, David believes the main thing holding Australians back from switching to non-alcoholic alternatives is access, believing pubs and restaurants in Australia should provide them front and centre, ensuring all patrons know they’re available. With this in mind, David is seeking a way that non-alcoholic beer can be served on tap to improve accessibility. Also in the works for the brand, is their extended range, which could see a Pale Ale, Pilsener and Dark Ale in stubbies next year.

A true entrepreneur at heart, David has 4 other operational businesses. When not focused on growing his empire, David enjoys spending time with his family – playing basketball, sailing, driving speed boats, 4WD driving, bush walking, riding bikes or cooking together.

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