Introducing Dave's Drunkenless Dark Ale: Unleashing Flavour & Fun

Introducing Dave's Drunkenless Dark Ale: Unleashing Flavour & Fun

Let me introduce you to Dave’s Drunkenless Dark Ale — a ground breaking alcohol-free beverage that will transform your entire drinking experience.

This one’s been designed for all you legends out there who want to enjoy a cracking good craft beer without the hangovers that come with it.

Just launched at Sydney’s Great Australia Beer Spectacular, you can now get your hands on this flavour packed coldie, that tastes amazing, won’t drain your energy, and makes healthy living a breeze.

Who the heck is Dave?

Dave’s Drunkenless Dark Ale is named after the founder of Beneficial Beer, Mr David Jackson. Back in the day, Dave was a bit of a dark horse once he’d had a few, and had earned a reputation for getting up to mischief. There is a rumour going around that he once impersonated a local footy mascot, but it has never been proven!

Dave gave up drinking booze a few years ago during the One Year No Beer Challenge (OYNB), but his spirit of adventure has never changed. This new, dark, delicious ale will allow you to plan and execute as many pranks as you like, but without the drunken aftermath.

Dive into a Flavour Fiesta

Forget about settling for bland, non-alcoholic beers because Dave’s Drunkenless Dark Ale will blow you away. Its traditional, all-malt Australian style is like a party in your mouth, with flavours so good you’ll be scratching your head wondering how we nailed it without the booze. Malty, with a roasted coffee flavour and aroma, this craft beer is fully brewed and fermented with just the alcohol removed, not the taste.

Transform Your Day

No more dragging yourself through the week or wasting your weekends in recovery mode. With Dave’s Drunkenless Dark Ale in your hand, you’ll be out there making every moment count. This brew will leave you with enough fuel in the tank to conquer mountains, reach your fitness goals, or simply spend more quality time with your mates.

So, let’s say “Cheers” to Dave’s Drunkenless Dark Ale, the beer that brings flavour, energy and good health to the table. Embrace a life full of taste and excitement without those pesky hangovers.

This one’s too good to miss, so order a carton today!

Order now here.

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