How Beneficial Beer Co. Began

How Beneficial Beer Co. Began

The Beneficial Beer Company. Conceived by two beer aficionados (David Jackson and Matt Johnson) who love beer a LOT (sometimes a little too much), and were sick of discovering beer just didn’t’ treat them the same way back.


Let’s begin with a sobering fact – the more you drink, the better you feel (woo, endorphins!) – and then, the progressively worse you feel.

That’s because once those happy chemical hormones that get released in your brain begin to wear off (and wear off they do), and you continue to drink more (sometimes it’s hard to stop at just one), they end up being replaced with a range of not-so-amazing side effects.

This might include your standard haziness, thinking you sound super eloquent (but you’re slurring), the start of what becomes a booming headache later, or a full-blown hangover.

That’s without mentioning the stuff alcohol makes you do; from spending twice as much as you’d wanted, to texting your ex, and everything in between.


The real news is, there’s an alcohol-free, low carb beer alternative that rivals the taste of the real thing, sans side effects. If you’ve tried non-alcoholic beer in the past and been less than impressed, this is for you. Truth is, the brewing of non-alcoholic beer has come a long way in the past few years, and now you can expect a much more balanced, yet complex and refreshing flavour.

So, if your relationship status with alcohol right now is ‘it’s complicated’, it might be time you taste a beer that’s here to love you back.


Enter: the Beneficial Beer Company. Conceived by two beer aficionados (David Jackson and Matt Johnson) who love beer a LOT (sometimes a little too much), and were sick of discovering beer just didn’t treat them the same way back. Alcohol was no longer benefiting their mental, social and physical states and they wanted a change that still tastes delicious, but full of benefits.

Legendary brewer Bruce Peachey was brought on board with his plethora of beer brewing experience and tasked to create a low calorie beer that loves you back – one that betters your health and gives, rather than just taking.

The Beneficial Beer Co. isn’t about preaching or imposing limits, it’s about options. You don’t have to have “a big issue” (or any issue) with alcohol to want to experience a change; but if alcohol has ever affected you a bit negatively, or you don’t want full strength beer, now you can rely on something that tastes great and comes with an array of benefits.


When it comes to non-alcoholic beer benefits,there are many, and they include;

Give your health a boost: non-alcoholic beer is rich in natural vitamins and minerals you bod will love, PLUS, it contains WAY less sugar and calories than its higher ABV counterpart.

Flex friendly: be alcohol free all the time, or once in a blue moon when you have a special event – it’s super flexible, and up to you!

You won’t be a hostage: claim back your weeknights and early mornings – because you’ll be negative beer side effects (read: hangover) free!

Discover ALL the benefits of non-alcoholic beer in more detail here!


We’re the non-alcoholic beer that is your go-to when you can’t drink, or don’t want to drink, your ideal inbeertweener for when you want to cut back a little, or a lot.

A drink from us is one that will benefit you at your next special event, and can serve as that perfect substitute for every second drink (you’re welcome in advance – get ready to feel the difference the next morning). The beer for anytime you want to give yourself flexibility and still want to enjoy a social occasion with family or mates.

In short, Beneficial Beer Co. is your mid-week lunch beer, big Saturday night beer and Sunday sesh beer rolled into one.

We wanted to create a real alternative so that taking a night off the booze doesn’t have to mean staying home. We’re for ANYONE who loves a beer, but wants to feel more productive, focused and have more time and energy, any day of the week.

Are you a beer fans seeking to broaden your tastebuds? Click here to discover fall in love with this full flavoured profile that loves you back.

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