Hoppily Ever After: Beneficial Beer Co's Shenanigans with Aldi's Lowdown Lager!

Hoppily Ever After: Beneficial Beer Co's Shenanigans with Aldi's Lowdown Lager!

Hold onto your beer mugs, folks, because Beneficial Beer Co just pulled off some brewing wizardry that is sending ripples through the beeriverse! 

Picture this: the 2023 Australian Independent Beer Awards, a room packed with beer buffs from all over, and right in the spotlight, basking in the glory, is none other than Beneficial Beer Co. 

They have got their fingerprints all over the Aldi Special Series Lowdown Lager that just strutted away with a shiny Silver Medal at the Gold Coast Awards last week.

Talk about nailing it! 

Their masterpiece, the Special Series Lowdown Lager, had judges doing a happy dance, scoring an impressive 16.5 points. Oh, and get this – it was just a measly 0.5 points away from grabbing a gold medal! Most judging tables would have rounded that classic up. Somebody hand them a magnifying glass, because they are probably still searching for those extra points. 

The Aldi Special Series Lowdown Lager, a tantalizing symphony of flavors, was practically tap dancing on the edge of gold before snatching up that well-deserved Silver Medal. And that medal? It is more than just a piece of metal; it is a declaration of Beneficial Beer Co's commitment to redefining brewing norms and pushing the boundaries like a rebel with a cause.  

Let us not forget, this is not their first rodeo. Beneficial Beer Co's trophy cabinet is starting to resemble a treasure trove, and this Silver Medal is just another gem in their collection. 

With every sip, you are tasting their dedication, their passion, and their uncanny ability to turn malt, hops, yeast, and water into liquid perfection. As the curtain rises on this epic win, let us all raise our glasses – or beer mugs, if you will – to Beneficial Beer Co's triumph with the Aldi Special Series Lowdown Lager at the 2023 Australian Independent Beer Awards. 

Here is to their zany journey in flavor exploration, where each sip tells a tale of triumph, one awesome brew at a time.

Cheers, you brewing maestros! 


Hi Matt, it is the same liquid as our Stone Cold Lager…but please keep asking Aldi to bring it back quicker than Dry July 2024!!

David Jackson

Aldi seems not to be stocking this bewty anymore and I can’t find it on the website. How do I purchase more? Congrats on the best zero brew I’ve ever tasted!

Matt Griffiths

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