5 Hidden Benefits of Reducing Your Alcohol Intake 2024

5 Hidden Benefits of Reducing Your Alcohol Intake 2024

Hey there, savvy sipper!

There are some pretty awesome perks when you cut back on alcohol, some of which fly right under our radar.

It's no surprise that 31% of Aussies are already jumping on the non-alcoholic bandwagon this year. You're in great company, so check out these hidden gems below.


Enhanced Creativity

Ever felt like your creative juices are flowing like molasses? This could be alcohol! Cutting back can lead to a big boost, pushing the depressants to the side line.

Some have suggested that alcohol can mess with your thought process. Want to think outside the box? Take a leaf out of Steve Jobs' book...

Creativity from Reducing Alcohol Intake

Better Skin Health

Want to glow with youth? Reducing alcohol can be your secret skincare weapon. Too much alcohol can dehydrate your skin, speed up again, and more. Sheesh.

Dermatologists rave about the skin benefits of cutting down on booze. And with Beneficial Beer Co., you get all the tasty benefits of whats inside lager, pale ale, and dark ale, without the skin-damaging effects of alcohol.



Better Digestive Health

Is your tummy feeling off? Alcohol might be to blame. It can mess with your gut, causing "leaky gut" syndrome where toxins escape into your bloodstream and cause inflammation.

Plus, it disrupts nutrient absorption and upsets the balance of your gut bacteria.

Switching to Beneficial Beer means you can enjoy your favourite brews without tummy troubles. Our beers are packed with nutrients that support gut health, minus the alcohol-induced gut woes.


Lower Caloric Intake

Trying to stick to your weight loss goals? Alcohol isn’t doing you any favors. A typical beer can pack up to 200 calories. On a night out, that can add up to 1500-2000 calories – yikes!

Swapping out a few beers for non-alcoholic options can save you a ton of calories.

Beneficial Beer is your guilt-free option. With fewer than 100 calories per can, you can enjoy a refreshing drink without the extra calories weighing you down.


Reduced Environmental Impact

Want to drink beer and save the planet? Non-alcoholic beverages often have a smaller carbon footprint, especially those produced sustainably. Brewing non-alcoholic beer uses fewer resources and less energy, making it a greener choice.

Heineken produced as much as 17,605 kilo-tonnes of CO2 annually in 2022. We can't really wrap our heads around it!

Energy Efficiency from Non-Alcoholic Breweries

How Does Beneficial Beer Help Your Health?

The hidden benefits of reducing alcohol go beyond what you might think.

If you're looking for a spark of creativity, a better mood with gut health, or want to stick to your weight loss goals, choosing non-alcoholic options like Beneficial Beer means you’re also doing your bit.

Ready to make a change? Discover how reducing alcohol can transform your life with Beneficial Beer!


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