Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Healthy? The Top Benefits of Drinking Non-Alcohol Beer

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Healthy? The Top Benefits of Drinking Non-Alcohol Beer

Is non-alcoholic beer healthy? Why yes, yet it is, thanks for asking. In fact, when it comes to non-alcoholic beer benefits, there are many!

More than you can imagine, more than you dreamt possible, more than…why don’t we cut to the chase and share them all with you now. *

*Not that you’ll need much enticing to enjoy a thirst-quenching, refreshing, tasty alcohol-free beer that tastes as good as you’ll be feeling.


    Back in ye olde days (think the Middle Ages), water was full of bacterial contaminants, and low strength beer was substituted instead. Guess what? It turned out to be an even healthier choice because the beer also contained valuable energy and nutrients.

    Over time, as alcohol content in beer increased, the health content in turn decreased. The great news is, Beneficial Beer Co. contains a range of vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, zinc and folic acid (all stuff your bod loves) and it’s found naturally in the ingredients used, like hops, yeast and barley/wheat.


    Is there a correlation that your waistline expands as your alcoholic beer consumption does? We think you probably know the answer to this one! In fact, those calories really add up fast when you’re beer-ing, and if it bothers you or is making your gym results redundant, you may want to find a better low carb beer option.

    Spoiler alert – the alcohol-free Beneficial Beer Co. beer is a low calorie, low carb beer. Pre the tasty creation of non-alcoholic beer, you had a choice of water (mmm, such flavour…), sugary juice, fizzy drink or heart palpitating cups of coffee all day/night long. Now with alcohol-free low carb beer, you’re choosing a healthier option. In fact, non-alcoholic beer has isotonic properties so you can even drink it before or after a workout if you want!

    Often athletes training for competitions or those working on demanding projects will choose alcohol-free beer to not impede or impact their performance goals.


    We mean, it works for your lifestyle, and on your schedule. It doesn’t matter why you want a zero-alcohol beer – after all, there are loads of reasons; designated driver, pregnancy, health, diet/nutrition, taking certain medicines, or other personal preferences.

    What matters is:

    1. Instead of spending $80 on an Uber, or walking home via the moon, you’re good to drive
    2. Instead of having a ‘meh’ night on water and cola you have a crispy, tasty, refreshment ready to at all times
    3. Instead of alcohol holding you hostage Sun-Fri, now you can claim back your weeknights and don’t have turn down mid-week events because of an early start or commitments the next day
  4. Standard alcoholic beer dehydrates you the more you drink, but non-alcoholic beer actually rehydrates you, so you’re less likely to suffer from headaches and a dry mouth the next morning.
  6. Don’t get us wrong, alcoholic beer has its good points; namely, its intentions to help you have a fun night. Even at the Beneficial Beer Co., we still enjoy alcohol on occasion and in moderation.
  7. However, we experience comes wisdom, right? Too many times have we started the evening with a smile, beer in hand and a plan to finish at a reasonable hour, still feeling good.
  8. It’s always somewhere between ‘hey where did those stairs come from’ and the street kebab you didn’t really want, that you realise beer did you dirty. After losing count of how much was drunk (which is very easy to do, especially with rounds), and how all that time passed so quickly the realisation kicks in, and the only way to fall from a beer high is down.
  9. The Beneficial Beer Co. non-alcoholic beer prevents your mental acuity from checking out and leaving you high and dry when you need it most. You’ll still have your impulse control and be able to take comfort in the fact that you weren’t one saying “start a tab please mate”, followed later by “shots for the entire bar”!
  10. Instead, you will awake from slumber hydrated, clear-eyed and well-rested. You will not have lost your keys, wallet, mobile phone or otherworldly possessions. You will go on to enjoy whatever plans you had for the day, even if that way no plans at all – but one thing is for sure, you won’t be reaching for pain killers, and running to the toilet bowl, with a booming headache and hazy memory of what happened hours before.
  11. That’s the real power of alcohol-free. Flexibility, versatility, and a great tasting beer that loves you back.

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